Thursday, July 30, 2009

Paso Robles did not dissappoint!

'This is my 3rd time watching Journey with AP at the helm' (I saw this lineup with SP at Day on the Green in early 80's?). What a great show indeed. We were outside the gates when Heart came on played Barracuda. When we got in, the place was already packed all the way up the rafters. After Heart's set, I asked my friend to go and get a beer. Man let me tell you it took us 30 minutes to get to the concession stand and another 30 minutes to get the drink. It was that many people and to booth we missed 2 songs before we got back to our seats (Row NN, Seat 152,153,154,155). As soon as we settled, we were rockin with Journey and having a good time. I managed to record 2 of Heart's jam, and 1 from Journey as I would like to enjoy the show and settled for just one because of past experience it have to be that way. I will try to upload it on my blog.

I saw a co-worker who is a regular concert goer and told me that he never saw Paso Robles Mid-State Fair this crowded since his past concerts on this venue. He was actually surprised that even the community neighborhoods backyards was turned into paid parking lots just to accomodate the wave of people that went to the fair on this day.

Overall, had a great time, sound was great for an open venue...heard AP talking to mic "Pinoy, yeah" while exiting the stage. Looking forward for the Dvd release and a new album for next year, yeah!

Art Lloid - Metalloid

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