Sunday, September 28, 2008

Prepost of my Shoreline Amphitheater review

Just got back from Shoreline, the best show I've seen at this venue! Last time I was there was with the Allman Bros. Band way back when. Never seen this place as packed as this night. ..was at the lawn, front row dead center. Cheap Trick is great jammed with Jon Cain and Dean did back up vocals. Heart is as usual awesome...did thanks the people for being there inspite of the economy and gas being so high to be able to be on the show! Our J'boys would have blown the roof if there were any...absolutely made the place explode! The highlight of the night "When You Love A Woman" It was indeed another night for my record books.Only complain is the big screen. I think it was dialed too sharp as you can see double lines on Arnels face and the rest of the guys as if when you got your owm TV dialed all the way and it gives the detail a grainy look.I enjoyed my self this time as opposed to Mandalay when someone was shouting over my ears. This time I was the one shouting my heart out!

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